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 I keep forgetting to mirror my posting from LJ to here. *sigh* Looks like I'm going to have to reverse the order and begin to post here first and then just tick the box where it mirrors the posting to LJ. The way things are going with LJ, I'm beginning to think about packing my bags, or just leaving my account open for reading my friends' updates and not really posting primarily there anymore. 
The character limit is not very friendly to my Bible-sized fics, they no longer send friending and b-day notifications and I'm considering packing my bags and moving house to here. I mean, it's not like I've got many friends and my posts and stories never generate massive response, but I suppose I can live with that. But I hate appearing an idiot that ignores people's b-days and friending requests and if this keeps up I don't think I'll bother to be very active member of the LJ community anymore. Which is a shame, I really liked it there, and dreamwidth doesn't feel quite like home yet. *grunt*
So, in order to rectify the mirroring bit of my posting - here's my post from last night in an unlikely event that anyone cares, LOL. :) 
Last night's LJ entry... nothing major, might as well skip )
In fandom/Lj related news: after digthewriter 's post about LJ no longer sending out friend notifications, I went to check out mine, just to discover that I have 3 new friends I never added back. :( That was immediately rectified, however it's hard not to feel a complete and utter idiot after that, so dear new friends, here are my profound apologies. (And a kick in the butt to you, LJ!) Because of the younger son's illness I'm also awfully behind on my Ron/Draco entry - it's literally been going nowhere lately, so I hope I can pull it together in time - if this prolonged stay at home continues for much longer, I might have to ask for extension (hopefully, I won't embarrass myself completely and drop out).
I haven't watched the Inauguration, but the first moves of The Orange One is taking are not promising: Withdrawing from Trans-pacific partnership or the proposed bill to pull the USA out of the United Nations (perhaps we need reminding that Hitler pulled out of the League of Nations before the WWII) - not to mention the monstrosity that is The global gag rule he just re-instated - now, these developments are not something that fills me with optimism - but then again the Dutch are more than up to the job of cheering me up with this "welcome" to the most megalomanic president ever - it made me giggle out loud and because it has English subtitles, you'll be able to enjoy it as well. :) I suppose as long as there is humour in this world, there is some hope left. Never mind the gloomy ol' me, I'll get over myself. :)