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Well, I've been tempted for a while to have one of these, but erm, couldn't really muster the courage, find enough time and a good enough reason to get one. And then things got boring at work and I started to fiddle with my own fiction when no one was paying attention ;) and a bunch of fics ideas were born.
Just one got realized so far, sadly, but there you go, still better than zip, right? :) They're all in my head somewhere, roaming around, roaring loudly at the most inappropriate of times, but with a complex daily life I lead, there's hardly any progress made when it comes to my writing/ideas.
It doesn't help that English is not my mother tongue, so I have to look up words and constantly battle my impoverished vocabulary and try to avoid repeating my wording over and over again. Blah... in the end I'll probably wish I haven't done it at all, but sometimes it does not do to look back.
So - I'm into Harry Potter fiction and slightly partial to anything that has to do with Ron (read: will happily devour anything that has him playing a main role). Erm, slash? Yes, please. :) But will read gen as well and the rest that has to do with my favorite ginger.
My writing? Not much so far, but will post the one fic eventually, fully expecting to embarrass myself completely. But what's life without some fun, eh? Even if it comes at your expense sometimes. ;)