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Happy birthday to my favorite hero side-dish and magical character Ron Weasley! You're good enough to eat, Ronnie, I'd even have you in a salad, and that's saying something for this sworn carnivore! :)
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Hm, I normally don't do this, but I'll make an exception this time, because I had a rather stressful day and because just thinking of my favourite music makes me feel a bit better even though I'll barely have time to play any today.

So this would be my user name in songs:

Shamelessly snatched borrowed from [ profile] vaysh

M - Melantroduction by Lacrimas Profundere
Y - Yesterday by Guns n'Roses
   - (hmm, a space would come here normally, if the LJ names allowed it, so let's do this one Space-dye vest by Dream Theater
T - The State by Poisonblack
H - Hope Vol. 2 by Apocalyptica
E - End of The Beginning by 30 seconds to Mars
S - Sleepwalking by Bring Me the Horizon
T - The Dust Storm by Those Poor Bastards
R - Replica by Fear Factory
A - Aerials by System of A Down
L - Living in the past by Jethro Tull

Uhm... I don't have a very girly taste? ;) Damn, I could think of a million songs under certain letters - but the "Y" gave me all the trouble in the world! :)