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*flails too much for words* Can you believe that I actually got ANOTHER piece of lovely art just for me (*beats [ profile] roelliej around the ears with a wet towel - No, you can't have that one, this one is mine, my precious!) and it's MY RONNIE again, this time by the super-talented [ profile] shiftylinguini !!! Oh, it's totally beautiful, just you wait and see! *shoo, shoo, I meant GO and see!*

He's got that really silken Weasley hair and it's a wonderful contrast at this otherwise monochrome portrait (I love it when she does that!) and he's looking down and aside (possibly at his forever main-dish, the tiny Saviour) and he's got the sweetest, kindest smile, and those pretty kind eyes, and OMG - FRECKLES enough to fall in love with all over again! And just look at those wonderful muscled shoulders and biceps *swallows and goes back to drooling and swooning*! Goddammit Hermione, will you divorce him already, so I can marry him!!!  :D *Yes, this is me being pathetic. Yes, I don't care!*

Oh, I love it... him... and you, [ profile] shiftylinguini for such a wonderful, knock-out present! And all I did was ask! That's it, I'm making a profession out of asking talented people for my Ronnie's pictures - I mean, after 2 days I have 300% more Ronnie art than I did before, how can that go wrong?! :D

THANK YOU, YOU WONDERFUL PURPLE-HAIRED TALENT-EMBODIMENT!!! :D *chases you, trying to cling on to you*
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And it's my Ronnie!!! :D I swear that it's been an age and a half since someone made me a lovely picture of Ron to flail and "awwww" over (with one noted exception!)! :D So the coolest of them all, my bestie [ profile] philharmony - who's an honorary member of the elite club of Ron-lovers - drew me some pretty art - and not only one, BUT TWO! :D

First, is what I picture to be my school-bound Ronnie, all adorable freckles and looking a little lost with too big and a tad worn out clothes who are clearly not latest fashion. He's all big blue eyes and looks a tad miserable, and I just love how adorable he is. *wants to adopt*

Oh, but the second one... the second one is all fiery hair and clear blue eyes - exactly the colour I picture him having! - and I'm telling you Hermione never stood a chance when this pretty boy towered over her! (And neither did Harry... or Draco... they're just afraid to put that in a children's book, ha!)

Go leave the lovely girl some love *begs shamelessly* - me likes a lot!