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Hello, everyone!

Like every person in the Universe - and their mother - I've somewhat migrated to DW with synchronised posting to LJ - and to be honest, I'm kind of hating it because I haven't managed to study all the settings and whatnots of it.

Does anyone know if there is a setting DW where you can set for the DW to alert you with an e-mail that your DW friend(s) have posted something? I honestly don't even remember browsing through Friends page and I'm afraid that I'm going to lose contact with most of you because I simply won't be nudged enough to follow what you guys have been up to.

That's how I had it set up with LJ - and if you still cross-post there, I'll see it - and that's how I'd like to have it set up in DW. I'm afraid I'll fall out of touch with everyone if I have to go browsing over my friends' page simply because I won't remember to in all my busy-ness.

I'll try to post a little update some time later in the week when my son is gone for school trip - I'm bound to have more time at some point! :)

*sends hugs to everyone across the fandom*
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