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Heeey, it's that day of the [ profile] ron_draco_fest again - the last one, sadly - buuuuut, it brings the reveals and I'm ready to embrace the one that's mine. This year I came up with a biblically-long story called My Unintended, which was terribly ill-fated in its writing process - I think I had to put the writing process on pause at least twice because the two farts of my sons diabolically decided not to get ill in the same week. In the end I was actually happy that it was finished (though only because of the wonderful mod's extension) even though the ending is a bit rushed. Oh, and it has two 1st person POWs, so if that's not your cookie, then I guess it's not your lucky day to read an overly-lengthy story. :)
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*flails too much for words* Can you believe that I actually got ANOTHER piece of lovely art just for me (*beats [ profile] roelliej around the ears with a wet towel - No, you can't have that one, this one is mine, my precious!) and it's MY RONNIE again, this time by the super-talented [ profile] shiftylinguini !!! Oh, it's totally beautiful, just you wait and see! *shoo, shoo, I meant GO and see!*

He's got that really silken Weasley hair and it's a wonderful contrast at this otherwise monochrome portrait (I love it when she does that!) and he's looking down and aside (possibly at his forever main-dish, the tiny Saviour) and he's got the sweetest, kindest smile, and those pretty kind eyes, and OMG - FRECKLES enough to fall in love with all over again! And just look at those wonderful muscled shoulders and biceps *swallows and goes back to drooling and swooning*! Goddammit Hermione, will you divorce him already, so I can marry him!!!  :D *Yes, this is me being pathetic. Yes, I don't care!*

Oh, I love it... him... and you, [ profile] shiftylinguini for such a wonderful, knock-out present! And all I did was ask! That's it, I'm making a profession out of asking talented people for my Ronnie's pictures - I mean, after 2 days I have 300% more Ronnie art than I did before, how can that go wrong?! :D

THANK YOU, YOU WONDERFUL PURPLE-HAIRED TALENT-EMBODIMENT!!! :D *chases you, trying to cling on to you*
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And it's my Ronnie!!! :D I swear that it's been an age and a half since someone made me a lovely picture of Ron to flail and "awwww" over (with one noted exception!)! :D So the coolest of them all, my bestie [ profile] philharmony - who's an honorary member of the elite club of Ron-lovers - drew me some pretty art - and not only one, BUT TWO! :D

First, is what I picture to be my school-bound Ronnie, all adorable freckles and looking a little lost with too big and a tad worn out clothes who are clearly not latest fashion. He's all big blue eyes and looks a tad miserable, and I just love how adorable he is. *wants to adopt*

Oh, but the second one... the second one is all fiery hair and clear blue eyes - exactly the colour I picture him having! - and I'm telling you Hermione never stood a chance when this pretty boy towered over her! (And neither did Harry... or Draco... they're just afraid to put that in a children's book, ha!)

Go leave the lovely girl some love *begs shamelessly* - me likes a lot!

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Boy, do I have great LJ friends or what?! I'm this god-awful, barely-ever-posting, not-much-commenting friend - yet I've got the loveliest bunch of people around me to spoil me!. This time it was the one and only [ profile] roelliej that made me smile from ear to ear, cause he dedicated me a gorgeous little drabble Another Day in Paradise and it's just the sweetest little thing with Scorpius giving Harry the best Father's day present (perhaps unaware).
Go read it and make sure you go wild with kudos and commenting! :D
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