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The way things are going this year, I'm beginning to feel that my birthday just might be stretched through an entire year! :) Namely, the fandom's wonderful [ profile] digthewriter wrote me a wonderful drabble, called The Dance - featuring an adorably shy Scorpius Malfoy who happens to be having a thing for the fiery hair and utterly likable freckles of none other than Hugo Weasley but he just can't seem to bring himself to make the first move. Luckily, he doesn't have to. :) It's wonderful - please, go and read it and love it, like I did!

Thank you, once again, Dig, that was an ┼▒ber lovely present! :D
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Oh, I totally have the best friends ever, at least in fandom I do!! Sometimes I feel like I just sit on my ass day in-day out, complaining and lamenting, and those wonderful people that I got to know not so long ago, just all rush in to help me with my "down in the mud again" mood. And the shitty day I had the other time (8 hours sitting on those bar chairs, don't remind me!)  was totally a proof of that. Everyone was super nice, trying (successfuly) to lift my spirits up - but the very special and very best uplifting tool came from the one and only [ profile] philharmony who came up with a wonderful, scorching hot Ron/Draco story for yours truly (uhm, that would be me... me, me, me, it's a story for me, in case I wasn't clear enough!!).
It's - very appropriately - called Shitty Days and Perfect Nights (or if you prefer to link to it from the author's journal, it's here ) and it begins with Draco, clearly stuck in the middle of a dead-boring formal dinner, innerly despairing over the absence of his lover, sulkily attempting to ruin everyone's evening, because the Malfoys are just "mature" that way - not! :D He is very much in character, and his grumpiness is kind of sweet - but only up until his lover actually arrives - and then his frustration tranforms into a scorching hot "need you right now and fuck all" sex-and-more encounter, that just makes me want to read it over and over again. That Ron in there is to die for - just look at this:

"Pure sapphire blue gazed at me adoringly, more brilliant than any gem my money could buy. Fiery red hair framed his face, warmer than any fire I could conjure. Bronzed freckles spattered across his cheeks and nose, even his lips, more enthralling than any constellation could ever be."

Or this:

"I breathed in deep and let my happiness wash over me while I inhaled the scent of the outdoors, sweat and battle magic, a bit of fire, a bit of ash, and a whole lot of Ron ."

Now, how's that not perfect, you tell me?! :D Go on, read it, read it - and if you love it at least the fraction of the way that I did, please spare a few seconds for a kudos - or even a comment! - to the talented author.
Thestral with friends receiving all the praise they deserve is a happy Thestral! :D
[ profile] philharmony, darling - I wish I was any better with expressing gratitude - thank you so much for this brilliant, inspiring present. I hope it makes a lot of people squee with joy, just the way it did me! :)
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Man, I've got to be the luckiest girl alive! :) I got a most wonderful gift-story by the one and only [ profile] starstruck1986 who notice my Monday blues on Twitter (nothing special, but it's fucking Monday and God decided to unleash all the world's reserves of rain onto the tiny fart of a country I live in) and promptly decided to make it all better! And she did!

I was being very vague on my wish-list - "make my favourite redhead cuddle" and "with the bespectacled one" - but I knew I was on the safe side, because I know she writes killer Harry/Ron and that's my oldest fandom love. I promptly realised that Harry is not the only person wearing glasses in the canon, so I was kind of anxious if I'm going to see a Ron/Trelawney pairing come to life (I'm eternally grateful my fears were not realised, LOL!) and for some reason (hmmm, why would that be *rolls thumbs*), I felt the need to stress that the story should not be too doom and gloom. And it wasn't! :D
It's a brilliant little moment between Ron, who's desperate for Harry's attention - and Harry, who can only play hard to get for so long! *beams*

Excerpt: "The rain poured on, the lightning flashed, the thunder rumbled. Ron laid there, his head in Harry's lap, smelling him, feeling him, loving him."

You can't tell me you need to know more! Go and read it here (LJ) or here (AO3) and make your day a bit brighter! :)
Thanks again, darling! You were my ray of sunshine today! :)
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Boy, do I have great LJ friends or what?! I'm this god-awful, barely-ever-posting, not-much-commenting friend - yet I've got the loveliest bunch of people around me to spoil me!. This time it was the one and only [ profile] roelliej that made me smile from ear to ear, cause he dedicated me a gorgeous little drabble Another Day in Paradise and it's just the sweetest little thing with Scorpius giving Harry the best Father's day present (perhaps unaware).
Go read it and make sure you go wild with kudos and commenting! :D