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One of those dreadful weeks again - the little one is still ill, vomiting for nearly a week now, so we went back to the doctor and we're hopeful he'll be better by Wednesday, when he has his 7th birthday. The bed we ordered for him as a present 10 days ago is still not here, so I shouted at the shop assistant today and I blackmailed him into free delivery if the bed is not here by Wednesday - it's only good customer service, in this Slytherin opinion. ;)

I went to pick up son no.1 today at school only to find him shouting hysterically - apparently he had gotten in a fight with five other boys, broke up their ice sculpture and smacked a boy - an innocent bystander at that - in the mouth and gave him a split lip. His father was absolutely livid when he phoned the school, apparently. How will this impulse-driven Asperger son of mine ever avoid jail in the future, it's anyone's guess. *sigh* We try to explain the working of the system to him - if he becomes uncontrollably or too impulsively violent, he's going to end up institutionalised one way or another - and there won't be a damn thing I can do about that once he grows up. Not a very optimistic thought, I reckon. :(

In fandom/Lj related news: after [ profile] digthewriter 's post about LJ no longer sending out friend notifications, I went to check out mine, just to discover that I have 3 new friends I never added back. :( That was immediately rectified, however it's hard not to feel a complete and utter idiot after that, so dear new friends, here are my profound apologies. (And a kick in the butt to you, LJ!) Because of the younger son's illness I'm also awfully behind on my Ron/Draco entry - it's literally been going nowhere lately, so I hope I can pull it together in time - if this prolonged stay at home continues for much longer, I might have to ask for extension (hopefully, I won't embarrass myself completely and drop out).

I haven't watched the Inauguration, but the first moves of The Orange One is taking are not promising: Withdrawing from Trans-pacific partnership or the proposed bill to pull the USA out of the United Nations - not to mention the monstrosity that is The global gag rule he just re-instated - now, these developments are not something that fills me with optimism - but then again the Dutch are more than up to the job of cheering me up with this "welcome" to the most megalomanic president ever - it made me giggle out loud and because it has English subtitles, you'll be able to enjoy it as well. :) I suppose as long as there is humour in this world, there is some hope left. Never mind the gloomy ol' me, I'll get over myself. :)
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