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One of those dreadful weeks again - the little one is still ill, vomiting for nearly a week now, so we went back to the doctor and we're hopeful he'll be better by Wednesday, when he has his 7th birthday. The bed we ordered for him as a present 10 days ago is still not here, so I shouted at the shop assistant today and I blackmailed him into free delivery if the bed is not here by Wednesday - it's only good customer service, in this Slytherin opinion. ;)

I went to pick up son no.1 today at school only to find him shouting hysterically - apparently he had gotten in a fight with five other boys, broke up their ice sculpture and smacked a boy - an innocent bystander at that - in the mouth and gave him a split lip. His father was absolutely livid when he phoned the school, apparently. How will this impulse-driven Asperger son of mine ever avoid jail in the future, it's anyone's guess. *sigh* We try to explain the working of the system to him - if he becomes uncontrollably or too impulsively violent, he's going to end up institutionalised one way or another - and there won't be a damn thing I can do about that once he grows up. Not a very optimistic thought, I reckon. :(

In fandom/Lj related news: after [ profile] digthewriter 's post about LJ no longer sending out friend notifications, I went to check out mine, just to discover that I have 3 new friends I never added back. :( That was immediately rectified, however it's hard not to feel a complete and utter idiot after that, so dear new friends, here are my profound apologies. (And a kick in the butt to you, LJ!) Because of the younger son's illness I'm also awfully behind on my Ron/Draco entry - it's literally been going nowhere lately, so I hope I can pull it together in time - if this prolonged stay at home continues for much longer, I might have to ask for extension (hopefully, I won't embarrass myself completely and drop out).

I haven't watched the Inauguration, but the first moves of The Orange One is taking are not promising: Withdrawing from Trans-pacific partnership or the proposed bill to pull the USA out of the United Nations - not to mention the monstrosity that is The global gag rule he just re-instated - now, these developments are not something that fills me with optimism - but then again the Dutch are more than up to the job of cheering me up with this "welcome" to the most megalomanic president ever - it made me giggle out loud and because it has English subtitles, you'll be able to enjoy it as well. :) I suppose as long as there is humour in this world, there is some hope left. Never mind the gloomy ol' me, I'll get over myself. :)
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You know, I've had a few days recently where smacking some idiot in the mouth nearly became an option as well!
But, yes, having him react that way as a first response is never good. I have a feeling that my Asperger-having cousin is heading the same way. He's about 10 years older than yours, though, so he'll make it there fist! *sigh*

I checked mine and I only had one who I needed to friend back. But I have discovered that if you go to the profile of one of your friends, you can see a button titled "Modify Friend". If you click it, it takes you to the settings for that friend. From there you can check the notification thingy for birthdays if you're not getting them. Hopefully it will work, because I haven't gotten any bday notifications on here for months now. Kerrilee75's bday is in a few days, so I'll get to see whether that worked or not.

I am, as much as possible, completely ignoring anything political-related. Unless it's a certain friend on facebook who continues to post complete bullsh*t, in which case, I've been posting Snopes articles beneath his posts! :D I'm expecting to not be his friend on there for very long!

Hope your day is going well! :)
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Oh no! :( I'm sorry your little one is still so sick. And we were so hopeful he'd be fine by Friday, no? *pets him AND you*

I'm sorry about your older one getting into a fight. *all the hugs*

I haven't got all the notifications. Like, I got some but not all and now I don't know how many people adding me I've missed. :( I'll have to make my own post about this. LJ sucks.
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Worrying probably doesn't help, but I know it also can't be helped. Seriously, all the hugs. <3

I'm totally with you! I relied on LJ's notifications for so much, and now they just gone with no reason, so lame. Totally not your fault! I wish I'd remember on my own all my LJ buddies' birthday but it's just hard realistically speaking. I saved a doc with all the birthday dates so now it's on me to check that list, and I hope I can keep up but it's easy to forget, and it doesn't mean you don't care, but in your day to day life there's usually a lot going on. I hope they reply, maybe I should complain as well. ^^
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Gah, I'm sorry about the family stuff :( How old is son #1 again? It may just take him longer to learn, I guess, given the Aspergers - a friend of mine ended up having a breakdown around the age of 14-15 before zie learned how to control hir problematic areas, but zie did manage. Obviously I hope #1 doesn't need to have a breakdown first, but maybe things will work out in time? *hug*
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I'm sorry about your sons. I hope your youngest gets to feel well on time for his bday party, and I'm sending you and your oldest all the hugs. ♥

What I'm missing most are the bday notifications. I don't think anybody has friended me lately... though i guess i wouldn't know. :/
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I'm glad he's feeling better. <3

my daughter has a similar bean bag, they're fun and comfy. :)

About the friending thing, I thought there was an easier way to found out. I'm not too worried though I get friended maybe once a year, lol, I'm usually the one friending and hoping to get friended back. :D
Date/Time: 24/01/2017 17:12 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] nia_kantorka
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Sorry, darling, just saw your post. Hope the little one is doing better soon with his birthday coming up. Not sure what to do about your older one. You and the bf probably know best if he should be put on meds or not.

I'm not much online because we've all got a cold here. That's why I've been and probably will be Mia for a while.

*many hugs and kisses to you*