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Heey, since I'm sure we all love kids, I thought I'd help my friend [ profile] themightyflynn with a bit of promotion for her brand new pregnancy fest - would you look at that:

 photo STORK_zpstz41ovro.png
Come join us at the first ever [ profile] hp_bunintheoven Pregnancy fest!

Any kind of pregnancy is welcome (so all of you, squicked by the mPreg have no excuse, ha!) :D

In other news: son no. 2 got some kind of a virus so he's happily excrement-ing out of all ends :P - and I am currently a maid to a sick, spoiled little prince. Poor little fella - today of all days he wanted to go to school to distribute his b-day invitations - and he got sick. Oh, well. Perhaps on Monday - he doesn't have a party until next week, but he's anxious to have his little guests "reserved". ;)
For me, not driving 150 km in this icy weather has its bonuses. This is how driving in this weather looks like from our car window.

Not something I want to deal with on daily basis, but have no choice. :P Will post a bit more when I'm a bit less busy with wiping and cleaning the... oh, you know what. No need to be too graphic, you get the picture. :) *waves tiredly*
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