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There's hardly a point in writing this is the list of my Harry Potter fan fiction since all my fiction work is safely parked within the HP fandom :), but just in case one day I manage to come up with something that's not - "Here's a list of my HP fiction" - there, my work is done and life is once more perfect. ;)
Update on 1 July 2017: I just realised that ever since I've imported this from LJ, I've only been updating it there, but not here, so you can find a more accurate list at my Live Journal site or...

... On AO3 - I'd actually recommend going here, it's less messy and has a bit more cleaned up versions of the fics (and I'm faithfully crossposting, so it's all there)

On LJ (Update: some of these links take you to AO3, because the entries are too big for LJ to allow):

- Live  (length: 2.400+); Ron is desperate and angry after Harry's death... but has Harry truly abandoned him?
- Just a lovely Christmas (link to AO3, too long for LJ, it seems - length: 5.900+); Hugo Weasley, age 11, knows what he wants in life. It's something short and sweet and it has bright green eyes. Only... he might be a bit late
- Rehearsal (link to AO3, doesn't fit here, sadly - length: 7.000+); The idea of a Yule ball was a refined way of torturing the poor inexperienced Hogwarts students without dates and short of ideas what to do with them even if they miraculously got them. If only there was some way to practise... :)
- After the cupcakes (length: 2.000+); They never really talked about it, but they're each other's world. And perhaps a lazy Sunday morning is as good a time as any to finally say something.

- What else? (Part I: Hatred) as part of the "What else?" series (length: 3.400+ ); "Weasley is our king" was such a nice song... until bloody Weasel went and ruined it! Another excuse for Draco to hate him! What else?
- What else? (Part II: Lust) (length: 6200+) as a second part in the "What else?" series and the alternative version Just lust (length: 6.100+), which was part of the Ron/Draco fest 2015: It's been a hell of a week and Draco just wants to relax... well, not on this redhead's watch!
- What else? (Part III) (length: 37.100+) as the last part of the "What else?" series; All the hatred they have for each other cannot keep them away and... lust... well, what else?... keeps drawing them together. Until one of them has enough. Or not enough.

- Decompression (length: 6.080+); The young Malfoy is not quite so dignified as he'd like the world to believe. Until one day his private, khm, endeavours make him stumble upon a dirty little secret his "favourite" redhead - NOT! - is most anxious to hide
- Out of the Wood's, Part 1/2 (length: 6.100+); All Draco wanted was to get warm... and relax a little...
- Out of the Wood's, Part 2/2 (length: 8.700+); All I want for Christmas... ;)
- Not a relationship (length: 2.200+); This is not a relationship... and they really should not have been thinking about it
- Things money can't buy (length: 5.300+, again, link to AO3, LJ just isn't up to capacity I'm able to come up with); When Ron gets an offer he can hardly refuse, Draco gets a little more than his money's worth.
- The Butterfly effect, Part 1 and Part 2 (total length: 17.570): Part of the Mental Healt Fest 2015; Freshly single Ron Weasley sets out on a journey to find his true self. He finds Draco Malfoy instead. Him and his very... loud problem.
- One last chance (length: 2.000+); Draco Malfoy is about to: a) get married OR b) get his last chance at Ron Weasley. Choose one, Draco. The right one.
- Dance with me (length: 8.900+): Part of the Ron/Draco fest 2016; A highly inebriated Weasley is blackmailed to accept a certain sloshed Slytherin's invitation to dance - now how could anything good ever come out of that... right?!

- The multichapter fic Choices (completed):
Choices, Part 1 (length of this part: 7.500+); Surprising revelation (or if the walls of the Ministry bathroom could talk...)
Choices, Part 2 (length of this part: 7.500+); My way - your way, anything goes tonight (3 young men + 1 dinner = recipe for disaster)
Choices, Part 3 (length of this part: 8.000+); How to leave the the world's most expensive wizarding restaurant in style (but hungry)
Choices, Part 4 (length of this part: 7.800+); Are you my reflection, sweet stranger o'mine?
Choices, Part 5/1 (length of this part: 5.800+); Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (story of domestic trials of a young hero)
Choices, Part 5/2 (length of this part: 6.100+); A hero, young, pissed-off, famous against his will, in desperate need of PR crisis management expert... oh, just send in the whole team
Choices, Part 6 (length of this part: 7.500+); Into the (spot) light
Choices, Part 7 (length of this part: 7.200+); Malfoy vs. Malfoy (how the battle of white and... well, Black was set in motion)
Choices, Part 8/1 (length of this part: 5.500+); May you live in interesting times, Chief Kingsley
Choices, Part 8/2 (length of this part: 5.700+); Malfoys don't crawl! Until Weasleys ask... nicely
Choices, Part 9 (length of this part: 6.700+); " the damage is done and we're back out on the run..." (Gn'R)
Choices, Part 10/1 (length of this part: 2.700+): Waiting sucks... more so if you're a Malfoy
Choices, Part 10/2 (length of this part: 8.900+): Obsession, confession (dark times)
Choices, Part 11/1 (length of this part: 5700+): Of brothers and lovers
Choices, Part 11/2 (length of this part: 7800+): The home is where the heart is
Choices, Part 12 (length of this part: 4.900+): A prelude to disaster
Choices, Part 13 (length of this part: 5.300+): What happens to those that do not bend...
Choices, Part 14 (length of this part: 3.900+): The loves and lies of Narcissa Malfoy
Choices, Part 15/1 (length of this part: 3.200+): Recipe for the happiness of one Draco Malfoy
Choices, Part 15/2 (length of this part: 2.500+): Paint it Black
Choices 16/1 (length of this part: 1.800+): A minor complication, courtesy of Narcissa Malfoy
Choices 16/2 (length of this part: 3.100+): Time to chase out demons
Choices, Part 17 (length of this part. 4.300+): Alea iacta est.
Choices, Part 18 (length of this part: 3.200+): No end to choices

- The multichapter fic Art of denial (completed):
Art of Denial (1): It's been 20 years... (length of this part: 1.200+): It's been 20 years for one Draco Malfoy..
Art of denial (2): First time (length of this part: 7.500+): Draco knows how to get his man... and unexpectedly gets caught himself
Art of denial (3): Some First time... some Second time... (length of this part: 8.000+): When once is not enough...
Art of denial (4): Still second time... and time again... (length of this part: 2.100+): Some rules need to be set, if this is to last
Art of denial (5): Milestones (length of this part: 6.300+): Of not letting go and the importance of one's mother
Art of denial (6): Of hearts and bonds (length of this part: 2.800+): To hurt, to love Ron Weasley
Art of denial (7): Cracked open and oozing true feelings (length of this part: 3.500+): Of breaking and making
Art of denial (8): Unbreakable (length of this part: 3.700+): The schemes and plans of Chief Kingsley and their collateral damage
Art of denial (9): To give some, to take some away (length of this part: 2.000+): Life's ugly habit to move on
Art of denial (10): There to witness defeat (length of this part: 2.800+): Be there for me, no matter what
Art of denial (11/1): Nowhere without you length of this part: 4.600+): To claim your heart's desire
Art of denial (11/2): Magic of old (length of this part: 1.700+): What scares Narcissa Malfoy
Art of denial (12): With this ring I thee wed (length of this part: 3.700+): Draco's idea of pledging himself for life
Art of denial (13/1): When everything hurts... (length of this part: 3.500+): So close up, everything hurts
Art of denial (13/2): Small comforts (3.400+): Take comfort where you can find one
Art of denial (14): Give me more... (2.800+): There's dance and then there's... dance
Art of denial (15/1): Not a chosen one (3.000+): Clash with reality
Art of denial (15/2): Come to me (1.200+): Nothing left in between
Art of denial (16/1): Enters the little Princess (3.600+): Behold, here enters little Princess
Art of denial (16/2): A Prince to love (2.300+): How about a little blondie to fall for
Art of denial (16/3): All of it, for the family (2.400+): Family comes first
Art of denial (17/1): Of trust and hope (2.600+): Ron brings light when Draco needs it most
Art of denial (17/2): Spilling magic (3.400+): Spilling magic tends to reverberate
Art of denial (18/1): Before the storm (2.000+): The crucial moment... and Ron is edgy
Art of denial (18/2): No one else would do (2.500+): Infuriating answer to a disastrous question
Art of denial (19/1): The joys and woes of Rose Weasley (2.700+): How to make Rose Weasley happy (hint: take 1 Malfoy man, add 1 Malfoy boy)
Art of denial (19/2): Treacherous eyes (1.700+): Ron's eyes are blue... very blue... but not uniquely so
Art of denial (19/3): What if you could...? (3.100+): When Malfoy speaks up... and when he doesn't
Art of denial (19/4): Of secrets and desires (3.200+): Hugo Weasley and Draco Malfoy share more than they think
Art of denial (20): Playing with an ace (2.600+): All the might of Hermione Granger Weasley... against a single ace
Art of denial (21/1): The truth at last (1.600+): One loving woman to another - the truth at last
Art of denial (21/2): Of sacrifices (2.800+): What was lost... and what still needs to be
Art of denial (21/3): Paving the road to make it count (3.000+): The love of one Hermione Granger Weasley
Art of denial (22): Secrets galore (13.600+): Everyone stocks up on secrets
Art of denial (23): End of denial (10.100+): A good artist knows when to stop

Ron/Draco, Scorpius/Rose (future):
Intervention (length: 42.600+); There isn't much to entertain an11-year-old Scorpius Malfoy in his sheltered existence, other than secretly practising magic and listening to his father's daily rants about his working partner, a.k.a. "that colossal idiot" Weasley. But shortly before he embarks on his first year journey to Hogwarts, Scorpius stumbles upon his father's big secret that involves a certain someone his father has been pining for - and suddenly his father's love life seems to call for emergency intervention. Now, what could an 11-year-old possibly do? Not much... but a bunch of 11-year-olds (or not quite) just might surpise you.

Ron/Harry, Ron/Draco, Harry/Hugo:
- The multichapter fic In the shadow of your love (completed):
In the shadow of your love (link to my AO3 account, it's the easiest)

For life (length: 1500+); She had loved him from the first day... ande she would love him to her last...

Not yet - but soon... (length: 11.900+); Albus Potter has been Scorpius' chosen one for as long as he can remember. Sadly, it seems his father has the same idea's about Al's dad and now Scorp may never get his chance. But when a certifiably mad Hugo Weasley finds a way to his bedroom, Scorpius' whole world tilts out of its axis...
A little white lie (length: 45.300+); Scorpius Malfoy accidently - well, kind of - sends his grandfather to St.Mungo's and now stands at risk of losing his Quidditch World Cup tickets. There's room for a slightly mad redheaded hero that can stop this calamity - if only poor smitten blondie dare ask it of him...
Different (length: 26.100+); Scorpius Malfoy has always been different. For the longest time he could share with no one what makes him so, and it's slowly killing him inside. Until the time is right for someone to step forward and pull him out of the world of shadows into the light. Someone bold and intuitive and quite different himself.
To have and to keep (length: 85.400+); Scorpius's fascination with the kids of the Weasley/Potter clan has got wings. But they're so colourful and so present, aren't they? And some are downright gorgeous. But only one of them is right. Sadly, if you're looking straight into the sun for long enough, you can't see anything, not even the sun.

One Magical Night (length: 16.800+); Ron Weasley has been placed on the Christmas wish list as the only item by a certain blond Slytherin half his age and there just might not be any way out of this determined Santa's bag
Nothing else matters (length: 39.900+); Draco's life is focused on his son and he doesn't really have much of his own, really. Until he smacks straight into a tempest called Hugo Weasley - teenage, gorgeous, terribly wrong - that embodies every forbidden desire he ever had - and he no longer knows how to breathe on empty. Note: even if you can't be bothered to read: go check out that art, you won't be sorry!

... and million ideas more, with no time to make them happen. Who knows, I might just get there before the fat lady sings! ;)
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