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Seriously, this fandom... it's just going to make me all bawl-y and sentimental, you know! *sniffs something silly*

So, the thing is, I'm not quite 45 yeat, but I'm going in that direction with the speed of light and it should happen in about another blink or two. But but but, the forever lovely [livejournal.com profile] capitu - who just happens to be the most considerate angel any fandom's ever had (capitu for fandom president! 100% in favour? Good, good!) - made me this absolutely lovely early birthday present, because she would be travelling on the "B"-day and won't be able to be around.

It's a banner for the first story of mine she ever read, called The Butterfly Effect and it's the a silly Ron/Draco story that brought us together as friends and shall be as such forever cherished by the awe-struck yours truly. Just look at this masterpiece:


Isn't this brilliant?! How is this not the loveliest thing ever?! :)))) *sighs happily, flailing around the room like a chopper* I love the dark skies as a contrast to two wonderful creatures of the night, chasing each other towards the moon... *swoons* It's so romantic and lovely I just want to go and live in that picture! :)

Darling [livejournal.com profile] capitu - words fail me, but thank you, so, so much for just being around (even if it's a couple of days early, who cares, beats being late by all means!) and choosing me as your friend! Clicking that "add a friend" button might have just been the best fandom thing that happened to me. :) *hugs you tight and refuses to let go*