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There's hardly a point in writing this is the list of my Harry Potter fan fiction since all my fiction work is safely parked within the HP fandom :), but just in case one day I manage to come up with something that's not - "Here's a list of my HP fiction" - there, my work is done and life is once more perfect. ;)
Update on 1 July 2017: I just realised that ever since I've imported this from LJ, I've only been updating it there, but not here, so you can find a more accurate list at my Live Journal site or...

... On AO3 - I'd actually recommend going here, it's less messy and has a bit more cleaned up versions of the fics (and I'm faithfully crossposting, so it's all there)

On LJ (Update: some of these links take you to AO3, because the entries are too big for LJ to allow):
Master list of fics )